Popular Basque names for girls and boys

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41 Erromon Basque From Rome. M
42 Etor Basque Steadfast. M
43 Gabirel Basque Basque form of Gabriel. M
44 Gaizka Basque Savior. M
45 Garaitz Basque Victory. F
46 Gechina Basque Graceful. F
47 Gentza Basque Peace. M
48 Gotzon Basque Messenger. M
49 Gotzone Basque Angel. F

50 Gurutz Basque Holy Cross. M
51 Igone Basque Refers to Christ's Ascension. F
52 Iker Basque Visits. M
53 Inaki Basque Ardent. M
54 Inigo Basque Ardent. M
55 Ixaka Basque Laughs. M
56 Jakome Basque Basque form of James. M
57 Kemen Basque Strong. M
58 Kerbasi Basque Warrior. M
59 Kontxesi Basque Refers to the Immaculate Conception. F
60 Loordes Basque Place in France where Virgin Mary reportedly appeared to a young girl and miracles of healing subsequently took place. F
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