Popular Egyptian names for girls and boys

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21 Anum Egyptian Fifth born. M
22 Anzety Egyptian God of Busiris. M
23 Apis Egyptian Mythical dead bull thought to be Osiris. M
24 Asim Egyptian Protector. M
25 Astennu Egyptian God of the moon. M
26 Aswad Egyptian Black. M
27 Ata Egyptian Twin. M
28 Atemu Egyptian Mythical great god of Annu. M
29 Aten Egyptian Sun disk. M

30 Atsu Egyptian Twin. M
31 Atum Egyptian Whole. M
32 Ausar Egyptian Another name for Osiris. M
33 Azibo Egyptian Earth. M
34 Azizi Egyptian Precious. M
35 Baba Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
36 Babafemi Egyptian Beloved of his father. M
37 Babu Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
38 Badru Egyptian Born during the full moon. M
39 Bakari Egyptian Noble oath. M
40 Baniti Egyptian Teacher. M
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