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1 Ja'far Saadiq Muslim Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.. M
2 Jaabir Muslim Variant of Jabir: Consoler. Comforter.. M
3 Jaafar Muslim Variant of Jafar: Rivulet.. M
4 Jaakan Biblical Tribulation, labor. M
5 Jaakobah Biblical Supplanter; deceiver; the heel M
6 Jaala Biblical Ascending, a little doe or goat. M
7 Jaalam Biblical Hidden; young man; heir M
8 Jaalib Muslim Variant of Jalib: Motive. Cause.. M
9 Jaanai Biblical Answering, afflicting, making poor. M

10 Jaap Hebrew Supplanter. M
11 Jaareh Muslim Variant of Jareh: Wounding. Cutter.. M
12 Jaasau Biblical Doing; my doing. M
13 Jaasiel Biblical God's work. M
14 Jaaved Muslim Variant of Javid: Alive. Living.. M
15 Jaazah Biblical Helper. M
16 Jaazaniah Biblical Whom the Lord will hear. M
17 Jaazar Biblical Helper. M
18 Jaaziah Biblical The strength of the Lord M
19 Jaaziel Biblical The strength of the Lord M
20 Jabal Biblical Which glides away. M
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